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Thanks to Orisha Wisdom, I have a new outlook on this religion. Iya Omileti, you pose important questions on so many topics. I feel I now have a new outlook on things. Informative and refreshing. I feel I can ask questions freely when necessary. As an aborisha I am always willing to learn. Your podcast is original and full of insight and humor. I am so glad to be a part of the Orisha Wisdom Community. Thanks again for being honest and putting things into perspective.

— Joan D.

Navigating in the Orisha Traditions can be a bit overwhelming - Don't you think???

Have you found the Orisa or Ifa?  Do you come from a different tradition or religious background?  Or, did you have someone to help you in your beginning and then that fizzled out are now alone?  (This can be lonely and scary!)

Now that the intrigue has hit you on who the Orisas are, Ifa, priesthood, ceremonies and drummings - are you hungry for information?  Do you scour the internet for any information that you can get your hands on?  Have you found open to the public events in which you've attended and have come out with more questions than you came in with?  Do you find that information comes in trickles, too much at one time, or not enough unless you are a under a godparent?

Believe me when I say that I was there!  I was introduced to these spiritual roads when I was in my teens, and I fumbled and stumbled along the way. I read every book that I could afford, got on every site and tried to attend everything that I could. 

It is overwhelming!  I understand!  I'd like to provide tools for you - coming not only from the 21 years that I remained in these traditions before entering the priesthood, but also from the experiences of others who were also there as well!  I want to make this informative, positive and fun!  Here we go!

Show me the 4 steps to transition into the Ifa and Orisha traditions

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